Snow Painting

What a wonderful time Captain and I had with our paints today!  She woke up with a creative fire going and started the day by creating her own book of art pages with a few pen drawings inside.  After breakfast, she rushed outside to paint next to a pine tree with her pad and a palette of acrylics.   Inspiration struck and she ended up experimenting with snow by dipping her brushes in it and dripping and letting some even melt right into the acrylics.  She was thrilled to discover that she could kind of dilute some of the colors and make them her own.

Captain’s painting titled “Snow at Night”

When she was done and everything was cleaned up, she explained the importance of snow painting to me and insisted that I try one myself.  The acrylics were long cleaned up and I was chilled so she set me up indoors with watercolors, a very small piece of watercolor paper and a container of snow.  It is a terrific thing to play with! I loved dipping my brush in and grabbing beautiful blobs of chunky, crystal snow and dripping them on and letting them melt slowly right on the paper while I mixed in colors wherever I wanted.  It really changed the experience of painting and made it seem somehow more living.  

Indoors or out, acrylics or watercolors, we found snow painting to be a new favorite.  When the temperatures warm and the snow is gone we plan to crush ice once in awhile and keep doing it.  It was so cool to experience watching her come up with such a great new idea, all on her own.  I highly recommend trying this!

IMG_5076Mom’s painting titled “Apple Tree”

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One thought on “Snow Painting

  1. kwinds

    I will try this!

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