Family Ballot Box


How very democratic!

In learning about citizenship, voting, rights and responsibilities, government and leaders, Captain saw a picture of a ballot box in a book and decided to make one of her own so that we, as a family, could vote on things.  We used a small shoe box and I helped her measure the construction paper for each side of it.  She cut out the paper, decorated it and wrote “Ballot Box” on one side and our names on the other side. Against her wishes, I insisted that I be the one to use the knife to cut out the slot on top.   Our very first vote was whether to brave the cold and go sledding or stay inside by the fire.  Dad confused things by checking both boxes and we ended up making hot chocolate instead.  Other family votes include: what to have for dinner, what game to play and which day trip to take….

We love the ballot box!  It is sturdy, fun, and a great family tool.  Learning a little something along the way was just an added bonus.  If you or any of your kids makes one, please post a photo here so we can all see it!

Good Thoughts, Karen

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