The Best 68¢ Learning Toy for Kids!


Here it is!  The old-fashioned wooden yardstick: a great learning gift and affordable at 68 cents (Lowe’s). I wrote “To: Captain, Love: Mom” (and added a little heart) on it with a fine-tip black permanent marker to make it a little personal.  She has measured her foot, some rocks, her dog (that was a little dicey) and also used it as a sword and a ramp for her “Scooby & the Gang” figurines to march onto imagination boats made out of chairs. Kids don’t need to be pressured to understand what inches and centimeters are at young ages.  With a fun thing like this, I believe just being around it and playing with it creates interest and little bits and pieces soak in.  After she had this awhile, we had a project involving leaf rubbings and measuring how long they were with a ruler.  She easily jumped to that next step, and being familiar with linear measurement from her “sword” helped I think…. and you can’t beat the price!  What can you get for under a buck these days?  Any ideas?

I highly recommend this for little ones and big ones alike.

Cheers!  Karen

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