Kids Working Spaces: “Art Table”


Captain’s art table is her domain!

Where do your kids do their projects, artwork or homework?  Do you have a specific area set up for them to work? Is it a desk in their room, the kitchen table or a corner of the living room?

I am always curious about how parents and kids set up these important working areas.  These spots seem to become a focal point for creativity and learning, no matter the size or location or whether the child attends traditional school or works at home.

We successfully used what we had here at home by using an old oak dining room table with the leaves removed, and a simple, small bookshelf. If we had not had the little bookshelf around, it would have been easy to find one at a thrift store or even build one inexpensively.  We simply scooted the table into a corner of the living room and placed the bookshelf on top against the wall. Captain LOVES it here and paints, draws, plays etc. and it doesn’t hurt to have the window right next to it for natural lighting.  At her disposal are various types of paper, glue, paints & paintbrushes, glitter, stickers, pens, markers, bits of recycled stuff for crafts, and the list goes on.



On the top of the shelves is a space for projects she hasn’t finished and also special things that she loves to keep around, like her very first sculpture and her diploma from Baby Seals Swim Academy.

I love this little area and only ask that she shovel it off once in awhile as it is right in the living room.  We have only one child’s space to consider, how do you do it when there are multiple kids?  What do your kid’s working spaces look and feel like?  Any photos would be appreciated.  It is fun to share ideas and also see what others are doing!

Cheers!  Karen

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