Creative Coloring: Imagination Pages!


One of Captain’s Imagination Pages from a shape Mom drew

When Captain was 2, she had a thing against coloring books. Even at Christmas time, when the fun ones with reindeer would come out, or all of the cute little animals, she just didn’t like them. I could see that she was happy with a plain piece of paper and either crayons or markers and I loved that she enjoyed creating her own pictures. In the evenings, as we would try to do something settling before bed (Moms, you know I’m talking about!) we started sitting at the counter and doing what we called “imagination pages”. We would each have a plain piece of paper, or sometimes scraps of cardboard, and use a black marker to draw a random shape. It could be squiggles, circles or anything. Then we would switch papers and turn our new page this way and that to look for something in it. We made all kinds of great pictures! Sometimes, we would draw something that we thought looked like a face with teeth, the other one would turn it into a cave with a flower growing from it. We ended up keeping the name “Imagination Pages” as Captain loved it so much, and have been doing it ever since. We had so many floating around that I finally found an old pee-chee to stuff them into and we keep it in it’s spot at the end of the counter for a quick grab.

Captain does like coloring books now, but we still have a lot of fun with these sheets. I have tried imagination pages with other kids too, and they loved seeing what came out of a random shape, and also what someone else sees in theirs.

Here’s to great times with our little sugars as we settle ourselves down for some good sleep!

Good Thoughts, Karen

IMG_5116 IMG_5115

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