Road Trips With Kids: Don’t Forget the Mad-Libs!

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It doesn’t hurt to learn a little something without even realizing it!

We are on our cross-country road trip from California to New York, and even though we just got to within 3 hours of our destination, we can’t make it due to running smack into the big snow storm pounding out here (they call ’em “nor’easters”).  But, we are all faring well and at least we aren’t crawling and sliding down the highway any longer!

To keep things flowing for kids stuck in the car on a long road trip, I highly recommend bringing a goody-grab-bag and a pad of mad-libs!  For the goody bag, I packed a draw-string cloth bag with an assortment of fun things that, when Captain gets restless, or is looking for something to do, she can reach in and grab a prize.  I included stickers, an aboriginal-color-your-own-bracelet, a flashing owl, a pair of Melissa and Doug binoculars, a United States coloring book, a small orange padlock & key, and wooden beads for stringing.  I also threw in a little travel container with a special prize to honor the upcoming Chinese new year:  a little collection of Chinese-facts plastic coins.  Fun!

One of the best things to rally the troops after a long day on the road is the classic mad-lib.  Captain now knows what nouns, adjectives, and verbs are because of these fun stories.  If you aren’t familiar with mad-libs, it is a pad of little fun stories in which certain words are left out. We all take turns with the cues to add words and then I read the story at the end. They are hilarious and really fun!  It is pretty cool to hear Captain explain to her dad that adjectives are “describing words” and verbs are “action words”.  They are great!  We have used them for trips before and this time I tried the “Junior” version, but we really like the originals better.  In the junior pad, they give you a list of words to choose from to make it easier for the younger crowd. But, we found that we like to pick our own words and will stick with the classics in the future.

So here we are, hotel-bound until tomorrow afternoon when the storm calms and the roads are plowed.  The adventure continues!  I am just glad I have things to keep us all happy.  Well, I am off to help finish coloring the state of Iowa.  Did you know that the state flower is the wild rose and the bird is the goldfinch?  I am learning so much and I’m thankful that it never ends!!!

Good thoughts and happy travels, Karen

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One thought on “Road Trips With Kids: Don’t Forget the Mad-Libs!

  1. kwinds

    Mad libs are great, I remember knowing parts of speech early because I did them with my mom 🙂

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