Simple Fluffy Valentine’s Day Hearts ♥


I remember making sooooo many things with tissue paper when I was a kid, valentine decorations included!  Yesterday Captain and I made some decorations for Grandma’s house and it was fun family time and we had a lot of laughs….


Cut white construction paper into hearts (or any shape you like!)  and then spend a few minutes cutting strips of dark pink, light pink, and white tissue paper into about 1-1 1/2 inch strips. Cut the strips into little squares (it is helpful to cut a bunch of strips and stack them up to cut a bunch of squares at a time) so that you have a pile of 2 or 3 colors, depending on your design. Apply a patch of glue in one small area of your shape.  Using a pencil, wrap the tissue square around the eraser end press it into the glue and pull out the pencil.  It will leave a fluffy little cup that stands up.  Keep applying them onto the glue in little sections, using the pencil to push them close together.  That’s it!  People have used this method on styrofoam balls to make decorations to hang from the ceiling, to make their country’s flag, snakes, birds, stars…… It is easy and fun and they look charming in Grandma’s window.


IMG_5161      IMG_5157

K and I never really celebrated V-tines before as a couple, but having a kid makes Valentine’s day fantastic!  I must admit that I have a bit of the ole “heart-fever” and even found a super cheap giant red heart costume to pop out and surprise Captain with on Thursday.  Wish me luck!  Many hearts you you all…

Good Thoughts, Karen

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