Moms On The Loose: What Would You Do With A Week At “Mom Camp”?


Sun Princess or Moon Mama?

Whether we are stay-at-home, work-at-home, or working moms, single, married, happy or not, we all work very hard to keep it all going, no matter the circumstances. I got to thinking today about how I have been searching endlessly for great summer opportunities, camps, classes or just good old summer fun for my 5 year old, and started to muse about what it would be like to go to camp myself. Mom Camp! How about a great group of moms set loose for a whole week (could this even be possible we are all wondering? Well, let’s just ride with it for the sake of imagination!) cooking around the campfire, telling stories, hiking, resting, reading, and singing? Why stop there? I started to add things that sound great, like a massage therapist on staff, mineral baths, and a chef preparing healthy meals. There would be wine for those who like that (I would be one of those 🙂 ) or whatever else we wanted, and an entire hut full of chocolate and other treats to balance out the healthy stuff…

We would each choose things we wanted to get rid of from our lives and write them down on little pieces of paper and, after reading them mysteriously to each other over the glow of candlelight, we would cackle like witches and toss them into the fire like teenagers! We would beat drums, squish our toes into the mud and dance like wild children. We would have days of Art Therapy where we created mighty canvasses of color, squished clay into theraputic blobs and glazed it in kilns. Our Art Therapy Guide would be a wonderful, timeless woman, who seemed to understand each of our unique needs to be free, to express ourselves in our own ways, and she would have endless patience for us all.

We would star gaze. Oh, how we would dance under the stars and be our most wonderful moon-mama-selves (but only if we wanted to!). Age, religion, sexual preference, social or economic circumstances, why, none of it would matter at all. We would simply arrive, just like the kids do when they go to camp, and check in for some fun. We would all share the connectedness of being women and moms, of seeking to better ourselves with adventure, of loving our kids so deeply that we would be homesick for them sooner than we thought…

Okay, I am coming back to Earth. Perhaps others would think that I am a nut, that semi-luxury in the mountains and being a moon mama wouldn’t be fun, or that taking a mineral bath in the privacy of beautiful pine trees, or throwing balloons full of paint at a wagon wheel, wouldn’t be worth it. I feel I should add that I love my life as a mom and wife, and really have nothing that I am trying to “get a break” from. I’m not feeling that I need to run away from anything, it is more a feeling of running to something. Know what I mean?

A whole week of moms on the loose. Sharing life and new experiences. Just imagine!

If you are a moon mama, or a sun princess, what would you like to see at a “mom” camp, or festival? We would all love to hear your thoughts. Until then, I am off to hug and kiss my little sweetheart and read her a story before bed. She loves the idea of flying carpets and magic stones. Someday she too will be a moon mama, humming a little song to herself and looking for her own brass gong to bang and, ooohh, what a glorious sight that will be!

Good night, and good thoughts to all, Karen

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9 thoughts on “Moms On The Loose: What Would You Do With A Week At “Mom Camp”?

  1. Charlotte

    I do like that idea – though I know that we’d need a good counsellor on site because we’d still get that “crying to sleep coz I’m homesick” feeling each night from the kids – no matter how awesome we are behind the mum bit 🙂

  2. Charlotte, you are right about the kid-sniffles, but I guess that is one thing I do like about this particular mom camp- it is a fantasy- which keeps it safe! 🙂

  3. pd

    I want to go to mom camp, let me know where and when 🙂

  4. I love this idea! I would want to zip down a zip-line and splash in the lake or pool!
    Check out YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO
    We did all sorts of camp activities as a family there. Our favorite was a counselor lead night hike and a game of hide ‘n seek in the sage brush. They also have programs just for adults or just for kids.

    • It is so funny that you wrote right now because my husband was just telling me, about a half hour ago, that there should be a zip line at mom-camp! I will look up the YMCA camp in CO too to see what they are up to. Thanks so much for writing in!

  5. Hi! I really like your blog, your kids are SO cute! Thanks for looking at my 1/8 of me blog! I’m just starting with the whole blogging thing I’m not very good at it but more and more pepper are looking at my blogs!

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