DIY: Make a Rockin’ Backyard Tipi For Kids!


Captain, or “Princess Akeezia” as she calls herself, may never stop playing in her $3 backyard tipi! 


What you need:  5 or 6 heavy bamboo stakes (6 to 8 foot length), a heavy-duty rubber band, and something to cover the tipi (piece of fabric, burlap, or a sheet)

I cannot recommend tipi-making enough!  What a fun and inexpensive way to provide your child with endless hours of entertainment and play (not to mention being a hero for it!). We bought our 6′ heavy bamboo stakes at an orchard supply store for less than 50 cents apiece. We will be going back for some 8 foot pieces as well!  Simply gather them and secure at one end with a heavy-duty rubber band and, voila!, you’ve got the frame.  Wrap it in fabric (we used a brown sheet, but wouldn’t a piece of fabric that could be painted be fun?!) and that’s pretty much it. We set the tipi up inside and then promptly took it outside for obvious reasons. The bamboo stakes are weather-proof, and a tipi can easily be constructed and left outside all summer. They don’t take up much room, and can transform even a small space into a wonderful imaginative world.

** Note:  I tried to find the bamboo stakes at the local home stores but couldn’t find them long enough.  You may have to call around to orchard, or farm supply stores to find big enough stakes.


Secure with rubber band


Dad wrapping the outside of the shelter.  The tipi is STURDY!


Princess Akeezia


Trying to knock the tipi down but realizing it is quite sturdy 🙂

We would love to hear about family tipi-building here at Kartwheels!  We hope your summer is a beautiful one, and three cheers for all of the kids out there; their imaginations, their beautiful hearts and minds, and their need for FUN..

Cheers!  Karen

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8 thoughts on “DIY: Make a Rockin’ Backyard Tipi For Kids!

  1. J D

    This is such fantastic idea! We will make a big one when you come and all the kids can paint it…can’t wait! Maybe we could make our own?

  2. Charlotte

    The pattern I used was so much more complicated (and stressful)! Wow, well now I know what to do when the other ones give it up lol

    • I saw some tipis online that are a lot more complicated, but oh so cool! we might have to tackle one of those sometime. For everyday ease though, I love these simple bamboo ones!

  3. We recently had the pleasure of hosting our very first Art Camp this past summer. During the art camp, we put together tipis that look a lot like these ones, EXCEPT we used our Newspaper Builders connectors, a huge roll of thick paper and combined those to make the stilts. Afterwards, we tie-dyed Super Value Color Diffusing Paper (48 x 40″) to use as the tarps. Keep checking back at our website for more details to come! I can certainly vouch that our wonderful artists were more than pleased with their tipi constructions!

  4. Art Camp sounds lovely! The way you described tipi-making sounds fabulous, I will certainly be checking back into your blog! Thanks for sharing, Karen

  5. moorethanamommy

    This is such a fun idea! Thanks for stopping by and following my little blog! I can’t wait to try some of your fun kid’s projects.

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