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Whip-Bang! My First Experience With Facial Threading


The baby soft smoothness just jumps right off the page at you, ‘eh?

Along with the dance across the red carpet of peri-menopause comes some rather frightful moments.  Like when I looked into the mirror and realized that I was looking a bit, well, hairier than I did even a few short months ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against facial hair on anyone, women included, but when I was already feeling rather wintery and disheveled, the hair was just too much.  My husband and I have a great time teasing and having fun with each other about things and it really works for our relationship in so many ways.  We are the people that, since we got together almost 16 years ago (!), have always cut each other’s hair and done all of those little sweet things that no one talks about, like when I clean out his ears while he is watching a movie, or when he stuck a wax strip on a certain bikini area and yanked (while I laughed hysterically) because I was going to wear a bathing suit for the first time in 20 years. You know, things like that.  In fact, one of our jokes is that we are like a couple of monkeys sitting around grooming each other, and that always makes us laugh.

Well, one day, in the midst of all of this joking, K was tickling my nose when suddenly he reached over with his fingertips and grabbed ahold of some hair right on the top of my lip.  That he could actually get his fingers around it and pull was terrifying enough but then he proceded to say, in a slow whispery voice, “sinister”.  Try saying that out loud, very slowly and in a mysterious voice, “siinnnnissstteeeerrr”.  There you have it.

Now, my feelings weren’t really hurt, and he always tells me that he loves me exactly the way I am, but it did make me feel rather crunchy in terms of my own feelings about the hair on my face.  So, two weeks ago, I made an appointment at a place that does facial threading and showed up with bells on.  I don’t spend money on makeup, nails, fancy hair products or much stuff like that so I proudly surrendered my $30 and slid into the chair with a smile on my face.

Threading is basically taking about a 15″ piece of ordinary thread, tying it into a loop and twisting it several times and then working it across the skin while pulling the twisty part back and forth as it catches the hair and pulls it out. The woman who helped me was from Iran, and we talked about family, kids and life, and the difficulties she and her family have faced while trying to transition into California.  She was lovely and we shared a mutual sense of isolation from family and friends.  I will definitely see her again and might just invite her to lunch sometime.  We got along like two pancakes on the griddle (deliciously American, ‘eh?).

So, all in all it was a great experience.  It does hurt, but it is worth it to feel this nice change.  My eyebrows look better than they ever have and I still have most of them which is excellent!  It has been a couple of weeks and my face still feels so great that I find myself petting it.  AND, I am not looking or feeling so darned sinister any longer 🙂

If you do threading, or are planning to try it, let me know how it goes!

Good thoughts, Karen

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